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General Information

What is the Section 8 Program?
The Section 8 Program is a program funded by Congress and the President and under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and administered by the Housing Authority of the City of Mercedes to provide decent, safe and sanitary affordable rental housing for very low income families. The Mercedes Housing Authority (MHA) assists these families by paying a portion of the contract rent to the landlord and the family pays a portion of the rent to the landlord. The family pays approximately 30 percent of their monthly income as their share of the rent.


Who is eligible for Section 8?
Families with income that is 50 percent or less of the median income for the area qualify as very low income families. An eligible family can be a single person household, elderly or disabled, as well as families of two or more.


*Our Section 8 Waiting List is currently closed*

What does the family need to do?
The participating family is responsible to pay the rent and the utilities for which they are obligated under the lease. They are also responsible to follow all the terms of the lease. The family is responsible for normal housekeeping maintenance of the rental unit. Serious or repeated lease violations can result in the termination of housing assistance under the federal regulations. If the family damages the rental unit beyond normal wear and tear, they are responsible to pay for the damages. Damaging the unit will also result in the termination of a family's assistance. The landlord must collect these amounts through the local court system.

What are the rent limits?
The Section 8 Fair Market Rents are published in the Federal Register each year and are effective each October 1. The rent amounts include all utilities. If the tenant will be paying all or some of the utilities, the rent amount should be reduced.

Families may pay slightly more rent with a voucher, but they may not pay more than 40 percent of their income toward rent and utilities. The Housing Authority determines the maximum allowable payment to the owner. This amount cannot be increased even if the rent exceeds the payment standard. Voucher rents must also be certified as reasonable in comparison to unassisted market rents in the area.

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